With one final weekend before we leave for the US, we didn't want to sit around all weekend and study for finals. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, or Torre di Pisa, is only a hour train ride away, so a few of us decided to go check it out and take the typical tourist photo.

The Tower was built to be the bell tower of the Pisa Cathedral and actually began to tilt during construction beginning in 1173. It took an incredible 344 years to complete building it and it leans a little over 5 degrees.

We got took plenty of pictures of us trying to hold the tower up. Turns out its a lot harder than you may think. Lots of trial and error and yelling at people to move their fingers a few inches, but we finally took some good ones.

We grabbed pizzas at a local pizzeria and then were back on the train to Florence. Only a week left in Florence, but five finals separate me from officially being done with the semester. 

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