As we began to wind down our 12 day Fall break vacation, we arrived late Friday afternoon (10/26) in Prague, Czech Republic for three days. I grabbed dinner at a fine establishment by the name of KFC and then hung out at the hostel for the night. 

Saturday morning we hit the ground running for a walking tour of the city, which turned out to be more of a walking tour of half the city. We opened the hostel doors and walked outside where it was a chilly 30 degrees and snowing, but hey, we're New Englanders, we're not going to let a little snow stop us. The tour started at the Old Town Square where we saw the Tyn Church, St. Nicholas Cathedral, and the "famous" Astronomical Clock installed in 1410. Our tour guide said that the Clock is the second most overrated attraction in Europe, and he was correct. The clock didn't even tell the current time.
Astronomical Clock
After about an hour on the tour, we realized that not having feeling in our feet wasn't worth spending another hour and a half walking around Prague. We went into Bohemian Bagel where I got a bacon, egg, and cheese and a hot chocolate. Never again will I underestimate the healing power of hot chocolate. We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting a few stores and then went out to dinner.

We were told that Prague has a big time nightlife, so I met up with a few of my other friends from Marist who were also in Prague and went to "80's and 90's Night" at a club. I couldn't have prepared myself for what I was about to experience if I had tried. Let's just say we brought the average age of the club down about 20 years, but we still enjoyed watching the older people dance awkwardly with each other, and even got to relive parts of our 90's childhood with songs like the Macarena, Mambo No. 5, and 'N Sync.

Sunday morning we spent exploring the city on our own. We started off crossing the Vltava River at the Charles Bridge, commissioned by King Charles IV in the 14th century. From there we visited the John Lennon Wall, a wall commemorating Lennon with pictures, graffiti, and lyrics from his songs. People continually add to the wall, so we all signed our names.

Out braving the storm
Sunday afternoon we went on a tour of the Prague Castle, the largest medieval castle in Europe. Kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperors, and Presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic have all had their offices at the castle since the 12th century. Inside the castle, we visited the massive Roman Catholic St. Vitus Cathedral. The current cathedral is the third of a series at the site that date back to 925.

After the tour and dinner, the girls decided to go see a ballet, but I had better plans: NFL Sunday. I watched the Patriots play the Rams in London with the Pats coming out victorious. Certainly beat sitting at a ballet in my opinion!
Main Gates at the Prague Castle
With four of Europe's most famous cities under our belts, we decided it was about time to head back to Florence. Traveling for 12 days certainly took its toll as we were all sleep deprived, but it was a great trip to say the least. Monday morning we got on our flight from Prague to Milan, spent a few hours walking around Milan before the train, and then finally returned to Florence around 9:00 PM, giving me just enough time to do my homework for the next day and pass out for the night.
Sunset view from the Prague Castle

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