This past weekend we went on our first trip of the semester sponsored by LdM to Verona, Garda Lake, and the Swiss Alps in northern Italy. We started in Verona with a bus tour along the Adige River and saw the Bridge of Castlevecchio. We then drove up a hill to get an overlook of the entire city of Verona. It was a little rainy Saturday but still nice enough for us to walk around.
We then got dropped off in the city of Verona. Verona is the "home" to Romeo and Juliet. Although the story is not true, Verona has a courtyard called the "House of Juliet" that has a balcony and statue with Juliet. We were told it was good luck to take a picture with Juliet's "bust" (couldn't resist the corny pun). Although I have a feeling it was just a way for the locals to make fun of the tourists.
After Verona, we traveled to Garda Lake, Italy's largest lake renowned for its summer resorts. We visited the town of Sirmione located on the tip of a peninsula. Talk about a place to retire to. The view from Sirmione was incredible.
We stayed the night in Hotel America (yes, a very Italian cultural experience...) in Trento, Italy hear the foothills of the Swiss Alps in Italy. Sunday morning we left for the towns of Madonna di Campiglio and Pinzolo, two of the most famous ski resort towns in the Trentino region of the Alps. We spend almost 5 hours hiking through the mountains lead by an Alpine Guide and his daughter. The paths were narrow and directly on the sides of steep slopes, but the risk was worth the reward. We hiked to a small restaurant overlooking a waterfall and were able to actually walk right behind the water rushing down on the rocks. We were all soaked and freezing cold but it was worth it! The views from the top of the mountains were incredible. We all went into hibernation as soon as we reached the bus back to Florence. This will probably be one of my favorite trips of the semester.

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